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ATL Mysteries

ATL Mysteries premiered in October 2017 as a public writing project in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an interactive mystery series that combines contemporary fiction, Atlanta landmarks, and audience engagement. Over the course of four weeks, I wrote and released twenty-two chapters, each between 1500-2100 words, every day (Monday – Friday). Readers followed the story in print and online, searching for clues within the daily chapters, across social media, and throughout the city, at times even influencing the plot as they worked through social media to be the first amateur detective to solve the case and win a prize package (including the chance to be written into the story’s final chapter).

In Season 1, readers meet Grant Maxwell, an up-and-coming star in Atlanta’s culinary world, who becomes suspicious when he can’t find his best friend, the free-spirited journalist Eliot Wiley. With the help of Eliot’s girlfriend Jules, a pair of reference librarians from the Central Library, and various other fictional and real Atlantans, he embarks on a search to find her.

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